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FlexiPower energy contract

Take full control of your energy purchase

The FlexiPower energy contract for electricity and gas is the right choice for companies who wish to take their energy purchase into their own hands.

Build your own profile, based on your consumption forecasts, by reserving capacity (in MW) for the entire year, per quarter or per month at a given price on the forward market.

Surpluses or shortages during the delivery period, based on the actual consumption, are automatically traded on the SPOT market on an hourly or monthly basis.

The contract works in two phases

Phase 1 - Reserve capacity & build your profile
(before the delivery period)

Closely follow the evolution of the energy market and monitor your consumption. Build your estimated profile by reserving capacity blocks (in MW) at a given price on the forward market based on your consumption forecasts for the entire year, per quarter or per month.

Manage your contract at all times thanks to a specialized tool on our Customer Area.

Phase 2 - automatic settlement & profile refinement
(during the delivery period)

At the end of each month, based on the actual consumption, the reserved capacity is compared to the average capacity of that month.

Any surpluses or deficits are automatically settled on the spot market every month. The settlement for hourly contracts is based on the weighted average (hourly price x hourly volume) of each month.

If necessary, your reserved capacity can still be modified for the next quarter(s) or month(s).


Your benefits

Seize market opportunities

Better distribution of risks

The contractual volume should not be estimated in advance

More flexibility: adjustments possible during the delivery period
Example: profile changes due to sustainable investments (charging stations, solar panels, etc.)

Optimise the energy purchase and management for your company
with the following services:

Consult your energy consumption

Gain insight into your energy consumption and make informed purchasing decisions. Analyse and export the consumption data of your installations.


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Closely monitor the energy market


As an energy expert, we are happy to inform you about the energy market. This way you always make informed decisions when you buy energy. And at the right time.

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