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Green energy for companies
100% green. 100% Belgian.
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Renewable energy with a Belgian green energy contract. Locally produced. As a company make your contribution to a better environment, and reduce your CO2 emission.

Belgian green, what is this exactly?

You receive a Belgian certificate of origin, per megawatt hour (MWh) of power supplied. If you opt for a green contract, ENGIE will produce just as much green energy as you consume.

3 technologies that produce green energy in Belgium

Wind turbines

568 MW of wind power capacity (~2 TWh)

Equivalent to the consumption of 570.000 households

900.000 tonnes less CO2 per year

Ambition 2030: 1000 MW of capacity

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Solar panels

88 MW capacity

We invest in the solar panel installations of many companies

Ambition 2030: 300 MW capacity

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22 MW capacity

8 river and dam power plants in south-east Belgium

+ reservoir power plant in Coo (1080 MW)

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Belgian green on a map

How can you opt for green? 
Two options: 


We take notice of your choice and add a green energy clause to your current energy contract. 


You choose for a new green energy contract.

There are four different price formulas to choose from: 

1. Average

Variable energy price. Based on the average of all prices from a self-chosen reference period on the forward market. Conditions: minimum annual consumption of 50 MWh.
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2. Indexed

Quick response. And take advantage of a price drop immediately. Your energy price mirrors short-term market fluctuations. Conditions: minimum annual consumption of 50 MWh.
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3. Flexiclick

Click your energy prices. You create your own energy price: you set your price at different points in time. Conditions: minimum annual consumption of 250 MWh.
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4. FlexiPower/TTF FlexiClick MW

You decide at different moments in time the volume that you want to purchase at a given price. Conditions: minimum annual consumption of 10 GWh.
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