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Indexed energy contract

Take immediate advantage of price fluctuations

With an indexed energy contract for companies your energy price fluctuates depending on the evolution on the short-term market. The price is linked to a specific indexation parameter which represents the average quotation of the past month or quarter.

Do you prefer a Belgian green energy contract? That is perfectly possible.

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How is the price determined?
The price of your contract will be indexed monthly / quarterly. The indexation parameter is based on an numerical average of the settlement prices on the Spot (EPEX Spot) or Forward Market (ICE Endex) of all the days of the month/quarter in question. This price applies to your consumption for the month / quarter in question.
You benefit immediately from a fall in prices on the energy market
Your energy price is the market average
You can also opt for green energy
Your price tracks the short-term energy market
No need to monitor the energy market once you've signed your contract
You'll know the costs before the start of the delivery period
Not sure which formula is best for you? Our free tool finds the right formula for you every time.
Energy and so much more

Seize every market opportunity
Follow the energy market closely thanks to our recognised expertise and our extensive range of free services.

Personal advice and assistance
ENGIE is known for its excellent service and customer focus. Our expertise can make all the difference for you. That's why our employees are always happy to help.

Including renewable energy
You can also purchase 100% Belgian green energy from our green production parks.

More than just a partner for electricity or natural gas partner

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