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Reduce significantly your energy consumption with an audit

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One of the first steps to take to save significantly on your energy bill and reduce your company's carbon footprint is an audit.
The audit expert will first analyse your energy consumption and existing installations on site in detail.
Then, he will guide you by making practical recommendations to improve the energy performance of your company.

An external and experienced view on your consumption

An in-depth analysis of your energy consumption

Assessment of possibilities to produce your own green energy on site - Read more

Assessment of possibilities to produce your own green energy on site

Independent and practical answers to your technical questions

Your benefits

Quick savings on your energy bill

In the audit report, you will find recommendations ('quick wins') that will quickly improve the energy performance of your company.

Independent advice

The audit expert is independent of any installer or manufacturer.

Comprehensive report

We provide you with a well-supported report that includes practical initiatives to be implemented as well as an initial estimate of payback periods.

A considerable asset for your energy transition.

The audit report is a very interesting basis for establishing your roadmap to make your business more sustainable. The proposed initiatives will allow you to significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and the possibilities of producing your own green energy on site will be explored.

Looking for expert advice?

Contact us for a quotation tailored to the needs of your business.

Following the audit, you will receive a clear report that includes: 

1. A detailed mapping (documented & illustrated with photos) of your energy consumption and the condition of your existing facilities, as well as your building.

2. Clear recommendations for improvement in energy performance ranked according to a score established on the basis of the speed of implementation and the potential for savings.

Your audit in five steps


The expert analyses your energy profile beforehand based on your consumption data and the specific features of your site.


To draw up a complete status of your consumption and highlight the strong points or areas for improvement, an interview is arranged to ensure that your objectives and the specific features of your activity are taken into account.


The expert then goes to your site to carry out an in-depth examination of the building and the existing installations.


All this information will be analysed and supplemented by clear recommendations to improve your energy performance.


The expert will present the report in detail and answer all your questions so that you can implement these initiatives as quickly as possible.

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