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Monitor your company’s energy consumption

with Energy Manager Business
Monitor my consumption
Take energy-saving measures for your business with Energy Manager Business. This free online tool in your Customer Area gives you insight into your energy consumption. This allows you to identify obstacles and better adjust your installations or optimise your processes.

Monitor your energy consumption

Energy Manager Business
Overview of installations
Get a clear overview of your installations and consult all the technical and financial invoice data.
Consult your consumption and injection data
Monitor your consumption data in 15-minute increments for electricity or per hour for natural gas for the past 36 months.
Export & report
Export your consumption data for the last 36 months or download the summary report whenever and wherever you want.

Automatic summary report

Proactively receive a useful summary report of the consumption and energy costs for your installations.

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Free for all ENGIE energy customers
Your benefits
24/7 insight into your energy consumption
Insight into the current and historical energy consumption of your company whenever and wherever.
Make informed decisions
Quickly detect deviations, such as excessive maximum power or excessive reactive consumption.
Save time & costs
Save time when collecting and analysing your invoice data; we’ll put it all together for you!
Manage your budget optimally
Determine your consumption trends and make more accurate budget estimates.
Monitor your energy
consumption yourself
in 3 steps

Activate your account

Request your free access to the Customer Area to track your consumption.
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Log in to the Customer Area

Enter your username and password to log in to the Customer Area.


Track your consumption

Go to the online Energy Manager Business tool on your Customer Area and track your consumption.
Track my consumption