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Our charging solutions for your business

Speed up your energy transition thanks to green mobility

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ENGIE and its partner 50five are there to support you at every stage of your green mobility project, from analysing opportunities for your business to installing charging stations that are tailored to your professional needs. 

A bespoke offer tailored to the needs of your business

Analyzing opportunities for your business: a study of the suitability of your electrical installation, your energy profile, and the ideal site to install your charging stations.

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Charging solutions that meet your professional needs* safely and securely.

Optimising your electrical installation: after analysing your current electrical installation, we’ll suggest you an upgrade if we think you need one.

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Green energy for charging your cars: thanks to an on-site photovoltaic or wind-based system.

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*Our charging station installation offer does not cover home installations.

Your benefits

A complete, low-carbon solution for your site 

We’ll support you at every step of your green mobility project, and more: from upgrading your high-voltage cabin to installing solar panels or wind solutions to supply your charging stations with green energy produced on-site.

Showcasing the renewable side of your business

With on-site charging stations, you’ll be putting your businesses’ commitment to renewable energies and reducing the carbon footprint of its activities in the spotlight. 

Future-proof platform

That guarantees 100% charge transaction transparency, and includes billing services

An experienced partner by your side

We’re working with a reliable partner to install your charging points.

50five, our professional partner in the installation of charging stations

Your advisor in fast installation and charging solutions

Access to more than 275,000 public charging points in Europe

Full management of your charging infrastructure

In short, no worries for you from A to Z

Are you thinking about installing charging stations on-site at your business?

helmet men checking electrabel gas transition

ENGIE will support you by carrying out a study into potential electric vehicle charging infrastructure for your business.

How does it work?

First of all, ENGIE will map out your existing high and low voltage installations.  
Then, ENGIE will link this data with your current electricity consumption and energy profile, as well as any locations that have been identified for installing your charging infrastructure.

You’ll receive a detailed report, including

  • specifications for the installation, along with work required for the charging stations.
  • A plan setting out our recommendations for charging stations installations, required cables, and supplementary electrical panels.  
  • An “as-built” plan, and certification from an inspection body after the works have been undertaken.

More information?

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Tax benefit for businesses

A deductibility rate of 200% for investments made between 1 September 2021 and 31 March 2023.

A deduction rate of 150% for investments made between 1 April 2023 and 31 August 2024.

The terminal must be freely accessible to the public during the usual opening hours and/or closing hours of the business.

The investments must be depreciated on a straight-line basis over at least five years.

The terminal must be connected and be able to provide information on charging time and capacity.

The deductibility is possible from the tax year relating to the taxable period in which the charging point is operational and accessible to the public.

The road towards a better and greener mobility

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Are you thinking about installing electrical charging stations on-site at your business? Get in touch with your ENGIE Account Manager for an initial project evaluation.


Audit for your project

Benefit from a detailed analysis along with ENGIE’s expertise to optimise the installation of your electric charging stations.



Our partner, 50five, will produce a detailed calculation and offer you a tailor-made solution to fit the needs of your business.



With your approval, our partner 50five will take care of the entire installation of your charging stations.

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Advice on renewable energy

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High voltage cabin

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