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A battery for your green energy:
Optimise your solar or wind turbine installation

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By installing a battery on your site, you increase the autoconsumption of your solar or wind production. This allows you to better control your energy costs as well as significantly reduce your CO2 emissions. Finally, the battery can be used as a backup generator and has a positive impact on the stability of your internal power grid.

Your battery project with ENGIE

Analysis of your situation

Study of the feasibility of your project and potential savings.

Tailormade installation

Analysis of the specific needs of your company and proposal of the most appropriate solution.

An all-inclusive formula

Installation, maintenance and possibility of financing solutions.

Who benefits from this offer ?

vakman electrabel
Companies that:

Have a cogeneration system or a photovoltaic or wind installation

Inject a large amount of energy into the distribution grid

Are owners of their building or site

Looking for expert advice?

Contact us for a consultation with one of our experts.
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Your benefits

Optimise your autoconsumption

By using a battery, you can increase the autoconsumption of your green energy production and you are therefore less dependent on the electricity grid. This allows you to protect yourself from price fluctuations in the market and benefit from a fixed price over the long term.

Secure your site's electricity supply

You benefit from better protection against power outages on the electricity grid to ensure business continuity.

Strengthen your company's sustainability strategy

Storing your own green energy allows you to optimise the sustainable approach of your photovoltaic or wind installation and highlight your ecological commitment on your site.

Why choosing ENGIE?

Our wide-ranging expertise

For many years, ENGIE has been actively involved in the design, production, installation, operation and maintenance of a wide range of storage-related systems and technologies. In the field of battery storage, ENGIE has already successfully completed projects with a total capacity of more than 100 MWh.

The ideal solution to meet your needs

ENGIE collaborates with renowned manufacturers to design optimal solutions. We adapt the most appropriate technology to your specific requirements.

Storing your energy as part of an overall solution

ENGIE integrates storage of your electricity into a broader offer. ENGIE can design, finance, install and operate fully integrated complex systems for you that meet your energy needs.
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