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Forecasts for the situation on the Belgian network for the next 7 days

green elia power indicator electrabel

There is enough power available to provide for our consumption. There is no reason for concern.

At this stage you can inform and prepare yourself.

If you want to have the power indicator always at disposal, download the app’ Elia 4cast!

  • Network situation at a glance
  • Automatic updates
  • 7 Day Forecast
  • Notifications in case of change of forecasts

The SPF - FOD Economy website collects a lot of information on security of supply and answers frequently asked questions about the electricity shortage.

  • Risk of shortage
  • Load shedding plan: is my street concerned?
  • Prepare for a load shed plan

You can also consult the website, which gives you advice on how to use electricity responsibly and thus help to avoid power cuts.

orange elia power indicator electrabel

There is a risk of not having enough power to provide for our consumption, let's all try to consume less, especially during peak hours (basically between 17:00 and 20:00) to prevent an outage.

Elia predicts a structural shortage on the energy market up to 7 days in advance.

power indicator red elia electrabel

There is not enough power available to provide for our consumption. The government is taking prohibition measures to reduce consumption. We can also make extra efforts to avoid load shedding.

In addition to incentives to reduce power consumption, prohibition measures may be taken per legal text to force this reduction.

The General Direction of Energy of the SPF - FOD Economy has considered the possible prohibition measures and for each of them, their contribution in terms of energy savings, their socio-economic impacts for the population and companies, as well as the practical modalities of application, in particular at the legal level.

The prohibition measures are divided into four main categories :

  • Public lighting
  • Private lighting
  • Public buildings
  • Domestic activities in the residential sector

In the event of a power shortage, all these measures will probably not be implemented at the same time. It will depend on the severity of the situation and the decision of the ministers.

power indicator elia electrabel black

If there is no other solution, some of the consumers will temporarily get no power to avoid a prolonged general and uncontrolled power outage.

Elia predicts a structural shortage in the energy market. The measures implemented seem to be insufficient to balance the network.

At this stage, Elia receives permission from the government to turn off parts of the electricity network in order to prevent a complete collapse of the network.