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Customer Finance Programme:

optimise your working capital
by extending your payment term
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Does your company have an energy contract with ENGIE? A longer payment term for your invoice is an interesting option because it optimises your working capital. That is exactly what our Customer Finance Programme offers you. This formula is a blessing for your company’s cash flow.
The Customer Finance Programme explained
in 3 steps

You will receive your invoice

ENGIE will provide you with the energy invoice as usual, but will mention a longer payment term if approved by the bank.


The bank pays your invoice

ENGIE sells the invoice to the bank. The bank pays ENGIE on the standard payment term.


You pay your invoice to the bank

You pay your invoice directly to the bank on the extended payment date at the latest.

Up to 180 days
You can extend your payment term by up to 180 days.
Fair price
You will receive an extended payment term from the bank at a rate that is in line with the market.
Your working capital = optimal
You optimise your working capital: this allows you to focus on your business activities.
Your accountant is also happy
There is no impact on the accounting classification as 'accounts receivable'.
No extra paperwork
You don’t have to worry about extra red tape.
Do you have any specific questions?
Or would you just like more information about the Customer Finance Programme?
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