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Together towards a sustainable future

Reduce your company's carbon footprint and energy bill

Taking control of your energy has never been more important. Fortunately, many solutions exist to improve the energy performance of your company. But which ones should you choose to reduce your energy bill and your CO2 emissions? We guide you in 5 steps towardsyour energy transition.

1. Follow regularly your energy consumption

First step in taking control of your energy is to understand and monitor it.

Monitoring is knowing. Keep a regular eye on the energy consumption, power requirements and reactive energy of your facilities.


Do you notice abnormal consumption? Is the maximum measured power too high? Is your reactive consumption excessive? Time to set up an action plan and adjust where necessary to optimize your energy budget.


For our customers, we provide Energy Manager Business. An online tool that allows you to quickly and easily analyze your consumption and export your data.


2. Define measures to reduce your energy bill

The greenest and cheapest energy is the one we do not use.

Monitoring your company's consumption is a good first step. Making adjustments accordingly is then your second move for making quick energy savings.


Let an energy audit expert guide you! He will analyse your consumption in detail, as well as the condition of your existing installations and building.


You receive then concrete recommendations to implement and a precise idea of the possible savings and return on investment.

3. Produce your own local and renewable energy

Better control your energy bill and significantly reduce your emissions for at least 25 years.

Do you want to go one step further? Be less dependent on market price fluctuations?


Produce your own green energy on site to limit your energy costs and reduce your CO2 emissions!


With an installation on your own site, you are also showing your company's commitment to the environment to your customers and employees.


Solar energy, wind energy: different solutions exist. Our experts will help you identify the most relevant option for your company.


4. Choose electric mobility

A key step to reduce your carbon footprint.

It's possible to reconcile your business travel needs with the acceleration of your company's energy transition!


Guide your employees and visitors towards a more sustainable mobility by providing them with charging stations.


Benefit from personalised support to realize your project.


5. Stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations

Go further towards a more sustainable future.

Innovations in the field of energy are accelerating. This page informs you about the latest developments and guides you towards the most sustainable solutions for your company.


Get inspired! Together, let's accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future.

Don't forget electrical safety!

vakman electrabel

On the one hand, for your staff: make sure you check all their certificates (BA4, BA5,..) and who might need training. Find out more about our offer

On the other hand, for your installations: a risk analysis must be carried out if you are adapting your existing installation, whether by installing solar panels, charging stations or a wind turbine. Find out more about our offer.

Get inspired by this project towards a more sustainable future

ENGIE is committed to the energy transition at your side

as the leading producer of green energy

Wind turbines
558 MW wind capacity

212 wind turbines

Producing enough energy for 330,000 families

484,000 tonnes less CO2 per year
More info
Solar panels
65 MW capacity

732 MW installed capacity 

We invest in solar panels at our customers’ premises. 
More info
205 MW capacity

Biomass plant in Rodenhuize

Electricity generation from burning wood pellets

Burning biomass is CO2 neutral.
More info
22 MW capacity

Pumped-storage power station in Coo

Producing green energy for 50 years

8 river and dam power plants in south-east Belgium
More info