What is the share of green energy in my contract?

If you opted for green energy, you'll find this information in your contract. We also provide an overview of the source of the electricity we supply to you on the last page of your bill. 


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The green energy supplied by ENGIE comes mainly from the following renewable sources: 

  • Biomass: Biomass plants use organic matter (e.g. wood pellets) as fuel. ENGIE has two biomass power plants in Belgium and generates 78% of its green electricity from this source. 

  • Wind: Wind turbines convert wind energy into electricity. We operate 37 wind farms in Belgium that can supply power to 160,000 households every year. 

  • Water: Hydroelectric power plants convert energy from flowing water into electricity. We have ten hydropower plants in Belgium. 

  • Sun: Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity. We are present throughout the entire process, from designing and manufacturing photovoltaic cells through to installing solar panels on customer premises.