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Website conditions of use

This legal notice applies to all the visitors to this website and by using this website; you expressly accept the following conditions.

The company

This website is the website of Electrabel sa, a public limited company incorporated under Belgian law with registered office at 36 boulevard Simón Bolívar, 1000 Brussels, TVA no. BE 0403.170.701, RPM/RPR Brussels. Electrabel sa's main activities are generation of electricity and sale of electricity to large industrial customers and sells electricity, natural gas, and related products and services to residential customers, small business customers and SMEs. Electrabel sa shall be referred to as "ENGIE" on this website. Electrabel sa holds supply licences for electricity and natural gas from VREG, CWaPE and BIM/IGBE, which are respectively the regulatory authorities for the Flemish region, the Walloon region and the Brussels-Capital region. Electrabel sa holds supply licences for electricity and natural gas from CREG, the federal body responsible for regulating the electricity and gas market.

ENGIE's general telephone number is +32 (0) 2 518 61 11. The company may also be contacted by e-mail.

The scope of the information contained on the website

This site is intended to provide general information about ENGIE, its subsidiaries and their activities, and about the products and services offered by ENGIE. In some cases, it is also possible to conclude a contract with ENGIE online via this website.

While ENGIE makes every effort to provide information which it believes to be accurate and up-to-date, it cannot guarantee that the site is exhaustive or that all the information presented is suitable, accurate and complete.

Under no circumstances may ENGIE be held liable for the use of information provided on this website - or on other websites linked to it - or for the absence of specific information.

The information provided on this website is not intended to be used as a basis for assessing the company value of ENGIE or any of ENGIE's subsidiaries. Any visitors interested in such information should refer to the information channels provided for by law, particularly the annual and half-yearly reports, which are available upon request.

Nothing on this site may be deemed as constituting an offer to buy or sell products or services, or enter into a contract of any kind, unless expressly indicated otherwise. Similarly, nothing on this site constitutes an offer to buy or subscribe for shares in ENGIE or any of its subsidiaries.

Protection of intellectual rights to the site and its content

All rights to the content and architecture of this website – including but not limited to photographs, texts, logos, slogans, and trade names – are reserved. These rights are protected by national and international laws and regulations, which all visitors to this website must respect.

Any reproduction, rental, lease, radio broadcast or use in public performance of this site and its content by any means is forbidden without the prior written consent of ENGIE or of other assignees (if any). However, limited extracts of the content of this site may be used without prior consent, provided that the source is mentioned clearly and explicitly. Such publication may not give rise to any compensation whatsoever.

Third parties' websites

ENGIE may include, on its website, links to websites of third parties, namely ENGIE subsidiaries or other companies or individuals. 
Nevertheless, ENGIE may not be held liable for and may not be required to study, assess or provide any form of guarantee concerning the services and products offered by these third parties and/or the content of their websites. Consequently, ENGIE may not be held liable for any damage or loss that may be caused by these third parties, their services, their products, or the content of their websites. We advise that you always read carefully their terms of use and privacy policies when accessing third parties' websites.

The protection of visitors' privacy

As far as ENGIE collects personal data about users as they visit its website, it does so in accordance with the regulations relating to the protection of personal data and relating to electronic communications.

If you would like more information about these personal data and how ENGIE collects them on this website, please refer to our privacy policy.

Applicable law – competent court

These terms of use and any disputes arising from your use of this website are governed by Belgian law, and the courts of the district of Brussels have sole jurisdiction.